Barry Stewart

Welcome to Barry Stewart & Sons Ltd

Based in Barking, Essex, UK, Barry Stewart & Sons Ltd is a well established property development, building contracting, insurance works and property leasing company.


Please contact our Repairs Desk on 020 8591 5161 to report a repair or complete our online Repair Form.




If you have an Emergency after office hours please call 07799 037 712.


We aim to make safe all emergency repairs within 4 hours of the repair being reported.


We will only respond to EMERGENCIES, all other repairs will be attended to within working hours.


These are classed as emergencies –


  • An initial response to flood, fire or explosion to protect and ensure the safety of tenants and leaseholders.
  • Making safe any fault likely to cause death or injury to occupants such as collapsing or collapsed floor or ceiling, collapsing masonry or brick work or live wiring in an accessible place.
  • Making safe a fault which is a serious danger to heath such as sewage overflowing internally from a blocked/broken toilet or soil pipe.
  • Making safe any fault likely to cause extensive damage to property such as burst pipes or tanks (not weeping)
  • Making property secure after forced entry.
  • Forced entry because tenant is locked out and young child or disabled relative locked inside.
  • Initial response to storm damage/roof leaks.


If an emergency call out is not necessary you may have to pay for it i.e. if you do not have electric or gas due to no money on your meter etc.