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Interserve Defence

Location: RAF Wittering, Standby Set House 49

High Performance Coating Solution

Scope of works

  • Erect full scaffold and protection to exhaust chimneys.
  • Strip all existing coating and remove rust.
  • Prepare and redecorate with aluminium high heat resisting paint.

The facilities management at RAF Wittering required the poor finish on the exhaust chimneys to be upgraded both visually and to promote the longevity of life of the actual chimneys. The chimneys were rust covered and a high performance coating was required as the chimney exhausts reach a high temperature. Barry Stewart & Sons Ltd used a specialist high heat resisting aluminium paint from TOR coatings to ensure a high quality solution.


  • Visually pleasing finish.
  • Protection of the exhaust chimney substructure to prolong life.
  • Long lasting, high performance, protective finish.