Barry Stewart

Welcome to Barry Stewart & Sons Ltd

Based in Barking, Essex, UK, Barry Stewart & Sons Ltd is a well established property development, building contracting, insurance works and property leasing company.


Does the property have to be furnished?

Depending on the Local Authority your property is to be placed with furniture may be required. Most of the Local Authorities we work with do require properties to be fully furnished. Please see General Property Standards for further details.


What types of properties do we require?

We are interested in all good quality self-contained properties (studio, 1,2,3,4 & 5 Bed) in and around East London.


What condition does the property have to be in?

The property must be in a lettable condition. Our procurement team can visit the property and advise on any works required.


What documents are required?

Proof of buildings insurance cover

Proof of ownership

Gas Safe Certificate

NICEIC Electrical Certificate

Energy Performance Certificate

Full details can be found under “standards” section.


How long with the process of letting my property take?

Generally we will have the property let within 7 days from handover of keys and documentation.


Who is responsible for bills and council tax?

All utility bills and council tax will be the responsibility of the tenants during the term of the lease.


How do I get paid?

All rent payments are made via bacs on or around the 1st of every month.


Are there any fees or commission?

No we do not charge any commission or fees.


When does the lease start?

The lease will commence from the date a tenant occupies the property. Two copies of the lease will be signed, one for the Landlord and one for BSSL.


How often will you inspect the property?

We inspect all our properties on a monthly basis.


What happens if a tenant damages the property?

All damages caused by the tenant will be rectified during a void period or before the property is returned to the landlord. The landlord is not liable for any damages caused by the tenant.


Can I achieve a higher rent if I own more than one property?

If you have a portfolio of 5 or more properties we may be able negotiate a higher rent if all the properties are under our management.