Barry Stewart

Welcome to Barry Stewart & Sons Ltd

Based in Barking, Essex, UK, Barry Stewart & Sons Ltd is a well established property development, building contracting, insurance works and property leasing company.

Customer Care Policy


Our Mission Statement

To provide a friendly and efficient service

To regularly review and improve quality

To provide service and value to maintain and improve partnerships with staff, customers and suppliers


Our Customer Promise

Barry Stewart & Sons Ltd is committed to providing a service to the highest possible standard whilst adhering to polite and courteous behaviour at all times. Our staff are dedicated to providing genuine willingness to help tenants and clients alike.


Customer Care Standards


We will -

  • Be polite, helpful and courteous.
  • Be professional and positive in our approach.
  • Never use foul language or speak to any customer in a raised voice.
  • Provide information suited to your needs.
  • Keep you informed.
  • Track, monitor and evaluate our performance.
  • Keep our database up to date at all times to ensure we deliver a high quality and accurate service.
  • Observe the companies Equalities Policy.
  • Ensure all our company vehicles show our company name.


Telephone Contact

We will –

  • Answer calls within five rings.
  • Greet callers politely and give our company name.
  • Ensure that if the member of staff the caller requires to speak to is not available, they are informed of when they will be available to speak with them or as an alternative offer another member of staff who may be able to deal with their query.
  • Respond to all messages within 24 hours.
  • Operate an out of hours emergency number when the office is closed whereby all calls are responded to within 1 hour.


Written Contact (including emails)

      We will –

  • Reply to letters within 10 working days and emails within two working days of being received. If a full response is likely to take longer, we will respond giving an indication of when a full reply can be expected.
  • Ensure that within our response we provide the customers/tenants with a named contact of who is dealing with their query.


Face to Face Contact

We will -

  • Make sure our buildings are accessible.
  • Greet visitors within a maximum of five minutes of their arrival
  • Respect our customers/tenants right to privacy, offering private areas for discussion if required.
  • Listen to customers/tenants and respond to their needs.
  • Be welcoming, courteous and helpful at all times.
  • Treat customers/tenant’s accommodation with respect when visiting.
  • Ensure all our Operatives are in our company clothing.
  • Use ID cards for all visits and show them to the customer/tenant upon request.
  • Keep any appointment made and will inform the customer/tenant if we are delayed or have to cancel an appointment.
  • Explain any works to the customer/tenant as simply as possible and ensure they are aware of any additional works which are required.


We are committed to equal opportunities and can provide the following for customers/tenants if required –

  • Translation Services
  • Buildings which are accessible
  • Private area for any personal or sensitive issues to be discussed
  • Transportation to new properties or meeting on site if easier for the customer/tenant
  • Call back service for any customers/tenants, we understand that customers/tenants may not wish to use their available credit/calls to contact us.

Handling Complaints

Complaints about our Service

  • Complaint logged into our complaints spreadsheet which is saved in Complaints Folder on Server by Client Liaison Officer (CLO).
  • Complaint to be investigated and responded to within 10 days of receipt. If the investigation will take longer, the customer/tenant must be informed in writing of when they can expect a full response.
  • Copies of all correspondence to be filed with customer/tenants file.
  • Copies of all correspondence to be scanned and saved in new file in Complaints Folder on Server.
  • All details of complaint, actions taken and completion date to be inputted on to complaints spreadsheet before file can be closed.


Complaints about our Staff

  • Complaint to be passed to staff member in questions line manager immediately.
  • Line manager to investigate and respond within 10 working days.
  • Appropriate action to be taken by Line Manager to resolve the complaint.
  • All correspondence to be filled under staff members personnel file, if applicable.


Complaints about tenants in our properties

  • Complaint logged on rental system under tenant details.
  • Letter sent to tenant outlining complaint and requesting that activity/nuisance ceases.
  • Copy of letter sent to Local Authority for their files.
  • If the problem continues, CLO visits to discuss problems and try to resolve.
  • If still ongoing arrange for Local Authority to carry out visit with CLO to speak to customer/tenant.
  • Complainants are sent details and log sheets to record all activities that they feel are not reasonable.
  • CLO speaks to neighbouring occupiers for further details.
  • Monitor property to see if activities/anti-social behaviour occurs.
  • Copy Local Authority in on all correspondence
  • Close complaint file on rental system.


Complaints about disrepair from customers/tenants or Local Authority

  • Complaint logged on rental system under tenant details.
  • Contact customer/tenant to arrange an appointment to discuss.
  • Advise Local Authority and update rental system.
  • Refer report to office (i.e. repairs) and request completion date. Liaise with customer/tenant as to what will be carried out and when.
  • Inform Local Authority of above and completion date and update rental.
  • Contact customer/tenant on completion date to ensure all works are complete and make another appointment to view to ensure customer/tenant is satisfied.
  • Inform Local Authority of above.
  • Inform Local Authority of final visit and confirm all repairs are complete to customer/tenant and our satisfaction.
  • Close complaint file on rental system.


Obtaining Feedback

  • Each of the properties we manage is inspected once every month, the condition of the property is logged into our database and any issues are reported to the CLO.
  • All repairs are checked by our inspector to ensure it has been completed to our standard. This is logged into our database and the information is used to produce our Repairs KPI each month.
  • Each month a set of KPI is produced for occupancy, void times, repair completion times and complaint type and response times. This is discussed in the monthly management meeting.
  • We ask each customer/tenant to sign our Customer Satisfaction book after a repair has been carried out. The customer/tenant is able to provide comments on the repair and operative on this form.
  • Each quarter we send a Customer Feedback Questionnaire to every occupied property, these are collected by our inspector or posted back to us. The information is inputted into a spreadsheet and the data analysed to see where our service can be improved.